Stop the Mum Categorising

Everyone talks about ‘mum shaming’. It’s huge, it’s everywhere. Mum’s putting each other down, mums talking about how you shouldn’t put others down but recently I keep seeing articles and posts on social media Categorising mums. There’s the earth mum, the working mum, the late mum, the creative mum, the needy mum, the social mum etc. Under each category there’s a little paragraph explaining and the post will say tag your friends and tell them which one they are. Sure, it’s a light joke and a bit of fun but have you ever wondered what they think afterwards? What if they thought they were the Mum who had her shit together then you tag her as the hot mess mum. Then she’s secretly hoping your baby wakes you up hourly for being a bitch. I always wonder which one my friends put me in and in all honesty I really don’t fit into a category. I’m an everything mum. I post photos of us doing crazy sensory and messy play then I’ll write a post about how much of an arsehole my toddler is using some middle finger emojis. I’ll then post some breast milk mile stone photos, then I’ll feed my baby a bottle because we do both. I’ll baby wear, I’ll put her in the pram, I’ll juggle her whilst nearly dropping her on her head. I co-sleep, we have a bedtime routine of 7pm but often it’s easier to cuddle downstairs instead of trying to get them off for three hours. Some days we sit in all day eating rubbish and others we have organic healthy food, sometimes I make Luca a lunch with sandwich cutters and little notes and other times I wack last night’s leftovers in a tub. I’m a pinterest mum, I’m an earth mum, I’m a lazy mum, I’m a shit mum, I’m a great mum, I’m an EVERYTHING mum. I don’t have a label because every minute is different. I don’t falsify my social media to make people think I’m something I’m not. So stop putting mums in categories. We are all a bit of everything. We are the generation of everything Mums and we are blooming amazing!

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