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My names Harriet and I’m a Mummy of theee, Luca age 6 Alia age 4 and Avery who is 8 months old.

We live in the North West of the UK and our Blog is a bit of everything. We have the raw truth of the loneliness of motherhood, the fun things we love to do and we also review a few things with complete honesty.

I’m not a perfect parent, I don’t think anybody is. Some days I feel like I’m achieving loads and other days I feel like I’ve accomplished nothing. I try my very best to use what I have to do fun things with the children. Luckily, I’ve always had a vivid imagination and a creative side so they’re my strong points which I focus on to create activities and fun things with the children.

I’ve dipped in and out of my blog since before Alia was born and Ive never felt confident in sharing publicly until now really. (I had some Tuff tray posts linked to Pinterest which I don’t think anybody has really seen.) I’ve started to stop caring about what people think and worked on expressing who I am more. So here is my blog, its real, its embarrassing, and it’s all the jumble in my head typed up into words.

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