We’re Going on a Bear Hunt 

Back in March I held a Bear Hunt fun day for the children. We went on a walk through a local park hunting for a Bear getting in to all kinds of trouble and complications. We came across long wavy grass, thick oozy mud and eventually found our Bear.

We had a fantastic time and I videoed the whole day and made a little video – I’m not a professional and it’s not great quality but here’s a link –

After the big adventurous trip we came home and I created three tuff trays.

(I don’t know why all these photos are sideways)

The first one included sensory bottles to fit the theme which I made originally. I will make a blog post on creating these. I also added a box wrapped in brown parcel paper to make a cave and a fluffy rug just for soft and coziness. Alia adored this sensory spot.

The second was aimed more for Luca. It contained playdough and leaves for the big dark forest, coco pops for the mud, craft Moss for grass, shredded paper for the snowstorm and a Muslin with shells and stones for deep cold river. I added the sensory bottles again but he didn’t really use them.

For the final part of the day we got really messy! For some reason I can’t find the photgraphs from this but there is some on the video. We had a mainly edible tuff spot and it was safe to say – they absolutely loved it.

If you have any questions just comment below 😊

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