A Letter to the Lonely Mum 

Hey you, 

I see you over there. You look tired. Tired from exhaustion, tired from all the worrying, the sleepless nights because your children are keeping you awake, the sleepless nights when you lie awake and your children are fast asleep but the anxiety is running around bumping into your brain keeping you awake. I see you over there with a half hearted smile. I think you want to say hello but you’re too busy running around after the toddler and trying to stop the baby from crying. I see you trying to hide your odd socks where you rushed to get out of the house but rushed means three hours and the most glamorous thing you did was brush your teeth. I see you looking alone, searching for a friend, dying for someone on your wavelength you can talk to. I see you over there, the lonely mama feeling desperate to feel less alone and I know you see me too. We will see each other and we may quickly smile but not for too long because what if you think I’m staring? I might think you’re parenting is all wrong and you might think I’m a desperate loser begging for friends. I see you over there Mama and I know you see me too. Come on over have a chat, I’d love to be friends with you. 

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