When You’re Not Getting the Glow!

During pregnancy you often feel like you have to put on a front. You're supposed to act like you're so thankful for the miracle growing inside you and feel completely overjoyed as if you're dancing on rainbows. The thing is, not many of us actually feel like that. Every pregnancy is different, no matter how... Continue Reading →

Gifted Pregnancy and Baby Haul

We are extremely lucky to have worked with some of the most amazing brands. I'm so grateful to these companies for gifting these products for us to try out and in return I'll be leaving updated and honest reviews throughout the process. I may have recieved these in good will but all opinions and reviews... Continue Reading →


So we were kindly sent a Baby watcher to try, for those who don't know it is an at home ultrasound device. It's not for medical enquiries but for some special bonding time for you, your family and friends. I was so excited to recieve it and couldn't wait to try it out, the children... Continue Reading →

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