Tapas Holidays

We are taking part in something called ‘Tapas Holidays.’ Just like the food, Tapas Holidays are lots of little trip/days out rather than one big holiday. It’s easy to mix and match between weekend trips, days out and overnight stays. There’s absolutely no rules and it can cost as much or as little as you like. In fact, according to research compiled by Avis Budget Group, Brits are typically planning on spending £111 on each day trip and expect to go on 4-5 day trips.


40% of people surveyed said that they were motivated to try ‘Tapas Holidays’ by the uncertainty surrounding travel restrictions, but 25% said budget was a factor too. We’ve been considering how to have fun with the kids on these short breaks whilst also watching our costs. For instance, we got a fab deal for a Haven break in Wales for a weekend back in June. We kept the costs down by exploring the outdoors and what the park had to offer. We had picnics, went to the beach, went on a hike up Alber falls, and explored the woodland areas. In addition, if you’re travelling by car, like we did, and need to hire, it’s worth looking for a flexible cancellation policy, such as Avis’s offer of free cancellation/full refunds for pre-paid bookings that are cancelled up to 24 hours before the day the rental is due to begin. What’s a nice surprise here is that the refund is paid directly back to your bank account or credit card rather than through vouchers.


One of our other trips was to Drayton Manor. We left the night before and stayed in a Travelodge hotel. It was cheap, clean and just what we needed for a one-night stay to make our morning easier. We live 2.5 hours away – without roadworks and traffic, so the hotel stay was a must for us. The children loved the rides and it was so lovely to see their faces so happy and excited. We chose Drayton Manor Theme Park as it was suitable for all three children and had something for everyone. 


We are looking forward to our next adventure and creating more family memories during the rest of the summer holidays. We will be browsing for discount vouchers, special offers and going on free days out such as beach trips, nature reserves, parks and hikes. Will you become a ‘Tapas Tourist’ this year?

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