Christmas Gift Guide 2020

Every year I write the Christmas list for the children, add the items into an gift list app and then find the best price. I spend hours every night trying to find presents they will love and I can also take inspiration from other people.

I have put this gift guide together which contains some gifted items, but mostly bought to help you with your own children’s gifts ideas. I really hope that you find it helpful.

How I plan for Christmas shopping – once I have chosen everything I’m going to buy I try to make sure there is the same amount of presents for each child. Plus sharing presents. I opt for sharing presents as I think it’s a lovely way of adding toys to the play room without anybody thinking they are theirs. Either way, the children are taught to always share but they both have preference in certain toys such as super heroes and barbie. I save with Park which I find really helpful. I get a love to shop card which I use in shops like the Entertainer and Argos. I also get the prepaid MasterCard which I can use pretty much anywhere. I shop around to find toys they will love but at good prices. For example, Asda, Aldi and Lidl all have a fabulous quality wooden toys range.

The Children were gifted the beautiful stockings from
Luca’s Stocking

Inside Luca’s stocking he has little puzzles which I purchased from TKMaxx, Lego Dots, hot wheels wooden cars from The Entertainer, an usbourne finger print art book from a local seller and Christmas treats from Home bargains. On Christmas Eve I always add in a satsuma to all the stockings. When Luca was one it was the favourite part of his stocking and he wasn’t interested in anything else except the satsuma! It’s one of the funniest memories I remember.

Alia’s Stocking

Inside Alia’s stocking she has similar item to Luca and then Sylvanian Families which were purchased from both TKMaxx and The Entertainer.

Avery’s Stocking

Inside Avery’s stocking he has a Toot Toot, a wooden wheeled elephant from the Entertainer and two light up bath toys from Sainsbury’s. As he will only be 11 months I’ve included two little coins instead of the big chocolates.

The Children will put their stockings at the end of their beds on Christmas Eve. When they wake up they will find that Father Christmas has come and filled them. The rest of the presents are from Mummy and Daddy. We do this as one year a delivery arrived with no hidden boxes. Each items was fully visible and I didn’t want it to spoilt the magic. So we told them that Mummy and Daddy buy the presents and Father Christmas fills the stockings.

Christmas Eve Box

Our Christmas Eve box contains lots of fun things to do on Christmas Eve and some treats. I love Christmas Eve as I find that it’s such a magical and exciting day. The box adds to the fun and build up with lots of family time and fun things to do. Unless stated, everything in our box is from home bargains.

Christmas Eve Crafts

I like to mix these up a bit the best I can but I do always buy the sun catchers as we love them. They don’t break and every year we can see how well the children’s painting skills are coming along. I haven’t bought them a paint by numbers before so this will be the first time. I can’t wait to see what they do with it. Avery will be creating some footprint art and a sun catcher.

Christmas Eve Fun

Every year I get either the tree or the snowman. We create this first thing in the morning and it’s usually complete before bed. Some years the children have been more interested in these than their presents on Christmas morning haha! I love that they enjoy it so much. Something which I think must be new, is the statues. Luca has the Father Christmas and Alia has the carousel.

Christmas Eve Books

Every year I get a book and an activity book. The children actually have tonnes of story books now so I got something which I thought Avery would enjoy. The activity books go in the activity book crate we have in the craft area and come out every now and again when they would like to use them. We don’t stick to just Christmas.

Christmas Eve treats

Except the coins, I don’t think I’ve actually had any of the other treats before. They all seem like a new range. I’m excited to give the children a couple of hot chocolates with the fun hot chocolate items. They can have one in the morning and one before bed. they will also be happy to know that they have made it into the nice list.

Christmas Eve

The jingle bell is for something I have seen on social media. Ringing the bell for Father Christmas at 6pm on Christmas Eve. I think it sounds like a lovely ideas and a new tradition. I hope we can hear other children doing it too as it will be so magical. The teether is from Chewier Cat and is a little something for Avery. With him still being so young I have found it difficult to add things for him but he will still have a lovely day, getting to do lots of activities.

Sharing Presents

Something I love to do every year is have sharing presents. With having children with similar interests it makes so much more sense for me to give them sharing presents they both enjoy and which Avery will enjoy as he grows too. This year the majority of the sharing presents will be to change up the role play area. I have cleared the play room to create lots of space for a whole new role play area.

This little bargain checkout was from Asda. If you catch them at the right time they often have 20% off wooden toys offers on but you do have to be quite. One of my favourite parts of the checkout is how you can turn the belt so that the shopping moves along. The cash machine and scanner is battery operated too for a fun and realistic experience. It comes with cardboard toy food boxes but I highly recommend purchasing extra as they don’t last too long – even with the most delicate of children.
I wanted to break up the gift guide with a photo of Avery. Often people gift photos to family members for presents and it can be very costly. But it doesn’t have to be. I took this photo on my iPhone. I have a backdrop from Kates Backdrops, I bought a few bits from Asda and purchased the apron and hat from Etsy. Avery had so much fun so not only have I got a beautiful photo that I can gift to people but I have made wonderful memories to treasure.
I truly love the run up to Christmas. Where the magic is alive and the excitement is out of control with the children. I do find that advent calendars and fun things on the run up to Christmas help towards containing the excitement but also helping to keep the magic as long as possible. We always have a cheap chocolate Calendar- whatever they choose in the shop. We also have a toy Calendar. I like to choose a good quality one which has usable items in as sometimes you can be left a little disappointed. Avery has the happyland advent calendar From ELC. The toys are perfect for little hands. Alia was gifted the schleich Farmworld advent calendar as we actually have all the others. This is the one she doesn’t have yet so I know she’s going to be really excited about that. Luca was gifted the dinosaur world calendar which looks amazing and goes towards his main Christmas present.
Shopping for boys is never easy as they get older. I want to keep his insinuation alive as long as possible but I’ve started to notice he is outgrowing certain things. He had started to outgrow dinosaurs but I’ve realised it’s the dinosaurs he had. They were very young, but he still loved Jurassic world and learning about dinosaurs. This set from schleich is going to be a huge hit! it’s called the dinosaur discovery centre and it really does remind me of Jurassic world. It comes along with accessories and realistic extras such as dangling meat for them to eat and nets to catch them.
The Botley is also a fab interactive learning toy which doesn’t require any screen time! I think it’s quite important in this day and age for children to learn about coding and what better way than with your very own robot?. This one is for Luca but they do have similar, but less difficult versions for younger children. this was gifted from learning resources.
Here is Alia playing with the coding critter. This version is from age 3-5 years old. It’s something you can have so much fun with whilst learning at the same time. I think that’s a really important part of learning – ensuring it’s fun and appealing to the children.
Alia is going to adore the schleich farm work arts. She loves animals and the schleich toys are the most amazing quality. The detailing on them is phenomenal and it’s not often you get toys which such amazing detailing. They are a fab gift to go with a collection or to have as just one. You can purchase sets or just one singular toys from many places online such as Smyths, and from small shops too. Do check your local small toy stores.
If you have a sparkle loving little unicorn princess just like me (her chose of name) then she will love the new sets by John Adams. I think you will too. As they are as mess free as possible. These sets are for creating your own charms and creating your own glitter bracelet – which you shake in the tub to make it mess free. They can be picked up at a number of stores both online and in store. I suggest shopping around to find the best deals on the day.
We may have already had a sneaky try of the new balance bike by Small Smart. I find it easier to build large items and then just pop them around the tree so that we have more time to play. The unboxing and breaking the toys out of package jail seems to take a life time. When you have babies at Christmas time it came be really hard to find things to buy for them. Something which I have done with all the children is get items which they will grow into. This balance bike is from age 18 months so will be perfect for summer.
This was a gifted item from @busypuzzle on Instagram. It’s a really simple, yet effective concept. You can design it with whichever colours you like and also add various shapes to the sides. Not only is this brilliant for hand eye coordination but it teaches an important skill such as name recognition. When a child starts to attend preschool they need to be able to recognise their own name to find their belongings. Things like this are a timeless toy – which can also become a keepsake.

If you would like to see detailed videos of the toys here and other items I have bought individually for the children then please head over to my Instagram where you will find the gift guide across two highlights. I hope this was helpful. Please let me know what you think. Merry Christmas everyone.

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