Supportive People

So I think I’ve written something like this before and I’m going to write something similar again because it bothers me!

I only write about what I care about and this is something which I care about deeply.

Strangers are your biggest supporters 🤷🏼‍♀️

And it makes me wonder why your ‘friends’ would rather see you fail. Are they even friends at all? People we have never met or only ever had a video call with wished Alia a happy birthday much more than the people who have met her. If it’s any bodies birthday whether I know them or not I always send a lovely message. Because it’s free and takes up less than 2 seconds of my time. If they’re supposed to be close to them then I take a few seconds more to find a photo and write a proper message. A little thing which means a lot because it’s noticeable.

People who we have never met and some we haven’t even spoken to seem to share my little business and support me much more than the people you’d think would want to thrive? I wrote a post on my Facebook today and at the bottom I wrote ‘if people could like, share or comment on this it would mean the world to me’ and I didn’t get a single comment. Not one one second of someone’s time. It doesn’t cost a penny to support someone in this way. In an in saturated market it’s really hard to get noticed and it’s actually disheartening that people can just be a little bit supportive. I have people in my life who ask me to comment and share their businesses but never even so much as comment on mine. And you know they’ve seen it. It shows it on the stories views.

We have Instagram friends who make more effort in trying to see us than the ones we have known years who live 10 minutes away. And whereas every time a friend posts a photo on their social media you’ll see me writing something lovely or a little joke but you can bet you won’t see them doing the same on mine. But if they need me for whatever reason they’ll be straight on the phone like a damsel in distress even though they haven’t even bothered to ask about my baby for months. Some haven’t even met him but will ask about their problems like I don’t have a 7 month old child they’ve never met.

It’s this type of thing which bugs me because when you see someone has committed suicide you’ll see posts saying ‘oh I never knew’ and ‘they were fine’. But then did you even support them? And then you’ll see people writing statuses about how much they miss them and they never even bothered with them. Sharing mental health quotes stating to check on your friends e though they’re so self absorbed they don’t even acknowledge your messages. I’m not suicidal in the slightest. God, I could never leave the children even on the worst days. But it just leaves me to wonder why I bother supporting and being there for everyone around me but the only time they’d probably care about me is if I popped my clogs. I’m pretty open about everything, I’ll say when I’m feeling low or lonely and still, so called friends are nowhere to be seen. Because why would they want you at your worst? It seems they only want you around when you’re buzzing off your tits happy as Larry. But how can people get to that level of happiness when they’re alone?

Can we please go back to the days when it was cool to care about each other, big people up and let everyone around us flourish with love and care. Support each other wholeheartedly. Not seen their photos and skip them for no reason. Not sidetrack their messages if it isn’t something you’re choosing to do. I’m a firm believer in people making time for who they want to. We all have children, we all have busy schedules but at the end of the day what are your memories going to be? The lonely life sat watching the tv or laughter with your friend and knowing you made them flourish.

So if anybody wants a friend who will wholeheartedly love them and support them, rip them to shreds with all the care in the world then I hear I am. Because I’m sick of those little memes going around saying you don’t have to see your friends all the time to be friends’ because checking in on a friend once a year isn’t really friendship is it?

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