C section Recovery

After 3 children, 2 of those being c sections I knew I would find it difficult to get comfortable. I was terrified of the pain I might have to face and wanted to make sure I was prepared this time around. I’d researched many tips for recovery and some of those I wanted to try and some I wanted to steer clear from. One of the things which I found really important was getting plenty of rest as doing too much too quickly can really jeopardise the recovery process. People forget that you’ve had major abdominal surgery and I think quite often midwives can push you too much too. My recovery with Alia was horrific and I never wanted to be in that much pain again so I made sure I rested as much as I could. I also had help when getting up so I wasn’t straining myself too much. I also kept topped up on pain relief. There is absolutely no reason to be in pain so keeping topped up with pain relief is a must. I showered the following day after my section but once I got home the thought of having the shower pounding down on my sore boobs didn’t seem too appealing so I decided to bath on day 4. Short baths and no scrubbing my stomach. I added tea tree and lavender into an egg cup of milk then poured into the water. It has antibacterial properties in so perfect for helping recovery. I’d ask a health professional before using but it’s something I have used after all 3 of mine to help me along the way. Something I have always considered trying but never actually tried until now was a support band. I was gifted mine from Lola and Lykke. I’m so glad I was, and I really wish I’d tried it with Alia too. It helps me when walking to feel supported and not feel like I have to hold myself or hunch over. It really is a brilliant product and although it was gifted, the review is very much my own words. The difference is unbelievable, I didn’t realise how much difference it would actually make. I expected some support but the feeling of actually being able to walk comfortably and take the children out is amazing. I definitely don’t have the time to sit around with the others.
Not only did Lola and Lykke gift me the amazing support band to try but they also sent a few gifts in a lovely presentation box. Perfect for new mums, when they go through all the hard work isn’t it the mums who deserve to be treated rather than the babys? I recieved some bamboo breast pads which are really thick. I thought my reusable ones were fine but once I used these ones I definitely wouldn’t go back to the others. I’ve never had a newborn in weather this cold before and I didn’t realise how sore and tender it makes you feel when breastfeeding so the thickness of the pads definitely help.

I’ve made a little recovery check list for you with some tips attached.

  • Humongous knickers – I buy cotton briefs from Asda in a 5 pack. They are so comfortable and when you get 2-3 sizes too big they go over your tummy comfortably and don’t rub your scar.Pain relief – Make sure you’re topped up and have plenty spare. I can only take paracetamol in the capsules rather than the powdered tablets so it’s good to keep those in mind if you’re the same. Tea tree and lavender essential oils – Please check with a health professional before using but I found these very helpful for my recovery and healing. My scar has healed wonderfully.Support band – once you start walling around they are perfect for the extra support. Mine is from Lola and Lykke. To be worn over or under clothes. I wear mine over a top and then underneath a jumper.

You can purchase your support band here – https://lolalykke.com/products/core-restore-support-band

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