When You’re Not Getting the Glow!

During pregnancy you often feel like you have to put on a front. You’re supposed to act like you’re so thankful for the miracle growing inside you and feel completely overjoyed as if you’re dancing on rainbows. The thing is, not many of us actually feel like that. Every pregnancy is different, no matter how many children you have, and quite often it all sucks. It’s amazing that we can grow a human and it’s going to be incredibly precious when we get to meet the little person we created but you know what isn’t amazing? Heart burn so bad you’re throwing up, throwing up, not liking any of your favourite foods, having pelvic girdle pain so badly that tears roll down your face when you try to move, the sheer lack of energy, the sleepless nights, the mum guilt where you feel like you’ve felt so poorly that you’re slacking on the other children. I could go on and on and on… But I won’t. Because let’s face it, nobody wants to hear a pregnant lady moan. They want them to be ambassadors of woman kind who promote how amazing our bodies are. It doesn’t feel too amazing right now though. Every night I make a list of things I need to do the next day and considering my house is a bomb site right now, I’d say its a pretty big list. Nothing gets done. We’ve never been one for being spotless, we like a lived in home but we also like a lovely clean and hygienic home. As long as its clean I’m not overly bothered about toys on the floor or the washing piling up but right now I feel like a slob. I want to be ME again. I want to be the best mum I can be. I want to have a reasonably clean home, daily activities planned and actually carried out, go on walks again and cook and enjoy a nice healthy meal. I want to be honest, not just to have a whinge but so others know that they don’t have to feel like it’s all sunshine and daisies. You don’t have to be alone in thinking that pregnancy sucks, because it really does and you are allowed to feel that way. Yes, it’s amazing that you’re creating a real life human being but yes it’s also really hard and the only people who understand are people going through the same because let’s face it, we do forget a little bit.

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