Social Media is only what people want you to see

I often recieve messages asking me how I have the time to do activities or that they feel bad if they don’t do the same things as me.

I never, ever want anybody to feel inadequate as a parent just because they see things on socal media. Do you want to know what I’ve done today whilst Connor has been off work. I’ve laid in bed all day with my sick bowl, chatting in my WhatsApp groups, feeling sorry for myself and I planned some more activities. Does that sound productive or like the world’s best mum? Nope.

I try my very best to do lots with the children and I find that having a plan to follow helps me. I’ll set up a theme and plan activities out. I’ll try to involve different areas of learning to think of ideas and I carry these out the best I can. I really enjoy doing them and it’s my way of spending time with the children.

But, we are all different and as long as you spend time with your children, making them laugh and teaching them new things then that is the most important thing.

If you do want to do some activities with them just browse my stuff and have a copy, I honestly don’t mind. It’s why I share things. Take part in the #littleschallenge, think about what you enjoyed in your childhood for some ideas or think of your child’s interests and try to focus on them to create an activity. I’m sure you’ll do amazing and I’m positive that whatever you do, you’re not failing and they will appreciate that precious memory making.

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