Gifted Pregnancy and Baby Haul

We are extremely lucky to have worked with some of the most amazing brands. I’m so grateful to these companies for gifting these products for us to try out and in return I’ll be leaving updated and honest reviews throughout the process. I may have recieved these in good will but all opinions and reviews are completely my own.

So here’s what I’ll be doing –

All items will be listed here throughout pregnancy and the newborn stages. I’ll be doing updates for first thoughts, using the item and then how I feel after using it a while. This is to give a thorough, honest and complete review.

I really hope you enjoy this blog post and find it useful. Please see the baby haul highlight over on our Instagram for videos.

Baby Monitors – @babysensemonitors

We have 2 cameras so will be able to see both upstairs and the baby nursery. It’s going to make it so much handier whilst I’m cooking, cleaning up etc as I’ll be able to see all the children. Also, with having 2 bedrooms upstairs and 2 downstairs it makes me paranoid that I can’t see the children in the night. The older children will be upstairs and they want to share a room so having 2 cameras for night time is also going to be such a relief.

First Impressions –

White Noise – @thegrocompany

We have always wanted to try something like this and I really don’t have a reason why we haven’t. We used white noise on phone apps, which really isn’t convenient at all. We can’t wait to try this out. It’s portable, adorable and will have the same effect as the phone but without the inconvenience.

Update –

So we are absolutely loving Ollie the owl. He’s fantastic and I love all the different options from the different sounds, to the volume and tbe different levels of light. We actually tend to take him out and place him at the top of the carry cot in the pram. The noise blurs out all the sounds of the noisy shops when we are shopping and keeps Avery settled. I would 100% recommend.

First Impressions –

Baby Sling – @daisy.gro

We have always loved baby wearing as I feel it creates such a comforting bond for us and baby. It also makes getting things done so much easier. Nobody wants a crying baby, it’s not nice seeing your baby upset so having them close gives them so much comfort.

First Impressions –

The carrier is super soft and stretchy. It’s a really versatile colour so perfect for anybody to use. It looks very supportive and feels really comfortable too. We can’t wait to put baby in there.

Update –

The carrier is soft and gentle and once Avery is in the wrap he is very comfortable. I do struggle to wrap and think I need plenty more practise to get quicker and feel more confident with my wrap.

Nuby Bundle – @nubyuk

We are huge fans of Nuby as its so easily accessible and such a trusted brand so we were delighted to be able to review their products. We recieved a double electric breast pump, a pack of bibs and a blanket with knitted toy.

First Impressions –

Blanket –

The blanket is super duper thick. It’s perfect for a winter baby and so soft and cosy. It matches my pram perfectly and I can’t wait to wrap baby bear up in it during the cold winter months. It’s very large too so suitable for toddlers.

Bibs –

The bibs are lovely and soft and have washed really well. They’re away in th drawers but I can’t wait to see how they withstand the milk explosions and continuous washing.

Breast pump –

This is the contents of the box and you are supplied with everything you need I get started. It looks really comfortable to use and the actual monitor part looks like it will fit in better with the room which I’m pleasently surprised by. You can express straight into the bottles and use them with the given lids.

Update –

The blanket has become the dedicated car seat blanket. I need to invest in another for when it’s in the wash. I always use this because it’s freezing when we first get in the car and when I take the car seat outside for school runs. The quality is lovely and it keeps Avery lovely and warm.

The bibs are fantastic and soak up plenty of sick. They fit him really well as I’ve found a lot of our bibs are so baggy that they don’t fit him yet properly. Perfect size for newborns.

The breast pump is one of my favourite baby items. It’s literally been a life saver and I don’t know how I would have coped without it. Avery struggles to latch and in those first couple of weeks I spent plenty of times in tears with the pain. I now use nipple shields but he will stay on for hours and I never really know what he’s getting as he comes off unsettled. I never had these problems before so to have them with my third baby was really unexpected and upsetting. I was feeling like a failure, and thst my body couldn’t do its job properly. However, I’ve snapped out of that now. Avery is 6 weeks old now. He still won’t latch properly most of the time without shields and Im still loving the breast pump. I used it in the early days to help relieve engorgment and I use it now for most feeds. I started off using 2 at a time but I found that it’s just as quick to use one each side and gives me a free hand also as I’m forever multitasking. My favourite part is definitely the fact that it’s wireless. For some reason I have hardly any plug sockets in my home and they’re all in awkward places so having something wireless means I don’t need to sit on the floor behind the door. One evening when I had absolutely no time to go home I even took it in the car and used it in Asda car park before I went shopping. I honestly cannot recommend enough.

Baby Grow with Zip – @zippy.up

You can never have enough baby grows, especially easy to use ones.

First Impressions –

The baby grow is unisex and versatile. Th fabric is lovely and soft and has washed really well on the first prep wash. I love that it has a zip for easy dressing – even before they are wriggly you just want to dress them as quickly as possibly without upsetting them. The baby grow has your over mittens built in which is also a fab extra on the baby grow as usual mittens fall off all the time.

Nano Bebe Bottle – @nanobebe_uk

I loved the look of this bottle and its so unusal so I’m really intrigued to try it out.

First Impressions –

The bottle looks great and I love the sound of how warming the milk is stored evenly so protects nutrients and helps reduces bacterial growth. Nobody wants a poorly baby. The design is amazing and can be stacked to save room and obviously the shape is amazing for breast fed children.

Birth/hospital case – @motherbe

This looked fantastic and helps to get you started on packing your bag for the hospital.

First Impressions –

The case is really sturdy and has two sides so that you can keep your things and baby things seperately. It comes with the essentials you need so that you can add your own tailored items.

Full Contents of Mother Be’s Pre-Packed Hospital Bag –

Hand Luggage (Black)
Mother Be Drawstring Bag
Mother Be Toiletries Bag

Mum To Be –
Natracare Maternity Pads x20
Natracare Nursing Pads x26
Simple Refreshing Shower Gel
Simple Moisturising Facial Wash
Simple Protecting Light Moisturiser
Simple Anti-Perspirant Roll On
Tresemme Shampoo
Tresemme Conditioner
Wooden Hair Brush
Hair Bands x2
Bamboo Toothbrush
Colgate Toothpaste
Vaseline Lip Therapy
Flip Flops
Wash Cloth
Baby on Board Badge

Baby –
Sleepsuit x2
Bodysuit x2
Muslin x2
Mum & You 100% Biodegradable Baby Wipes
Wash Cloth
Pampers Size 1 x22
White Bunny Rattle

Birth Ball – @babygo

Helping to strengthen muscles for labour, ease back pain, and for use in easing pain during labour.

First Impressions –

The ball seems amazing quality and I’m really excited to get started on using this. I suffer from really bad pelvic girdle pain so I’m truly hoping this is going to help.

Update –

Unfortunately the ball didn’t help my pelvis but it was so severe I don’t think anything would have at that point. 4 weeks post partum and I’m still get clicks, cracks and movement of my bones. I’m going to use it when I reach 6 weeks to try some gentle strengthening exercises.

Heart Beat Bear – @myheartbeatbear

Variety of stuffed toys which you can record a message or heartbeat to play when pressed.

First Impressions –

I loved the sound of these bears. There’s so many different ones to choose ones which is fabulous as usually there’s not much choice when you want a special baby heartbeat keepsake. Im really looking forward to my next appointment to hear baby’s heartbeat so that I can record and put it inside the bear.

Baby Wearing Cover – @bundlebean

Waterproof cover which can be used over baby carriers or over legs inside the pram.

First Impressions –

I’m really looking forward to using this, especially as Baby is due during the coldest months of the year. I really didn’t want the weather to prevent us from baby wearing so knowing that baby is going to be cosy in warm is such a relief. The material is lovely and the inside is super cosy and warm.

Car Seat Blanket – @snugglebundl

A car seat blanket which enables you to carefully lift baby out without jolting them and waking them up.

First Impressions –

So as this is an honest blog, I will be completely honest is saying that I was completely dubious and against anything which doesn’t come with a car seat. We met them at the baby show and Connor really took a shine. The first conversation I will admit, I wasn’t interested but Connor spoke about it the entire way around the baby show so I went back to see them and speak to them some more. This is one of the very few safety tested products which you can actually use in a car seat and there’s nothing in the way of the straps. (You shouldn’t wear coats in a car as during a crash it will compress, leaving the child not strapped in tightly enough and at risk of flying out the seat).

The idea behind the Snugglebundl is not only to keep the child warm and snuggley when in a car seat but so that you can lift them out carefully without waking them. It’s not a swing or to be used to carry them in but to lift them up carefully and hold them, or place them into the pram. I’m also fussy about leaving children in car seats. I’ve never actually used the car seat on a pram due to it being safer for baby to be on their back. Therefore this product is going to be amazing for the transition.

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