So we were kindly sent a Baby watcher to try, for those who don’t know it is an at home ultrasound device. It’s not for medical enquiries but for some special bonding time for you, your family and friends. I was so excited to recieve it and couldn’t wait to try it out, the children were jumping up and down ecstatic about getting to see the baby close up.

It arrived in a cardboard box, inside that was a big yellow case packed with the things you need to enjoy your scans. In there case there is –

Scanning device and charging port.

Laptop and charging port.

Ultrasound gel.

For those who live in the UK you will also need a plug converter as the plug sockets you recieve will be 2 pink plugs.

When you turn the laptop on and connect everything it’s super easy to use. You log into your account and then everything is there for you. There’s info on what make a lovely clear scan, how many scans you have available and the option to purchase extra days.

During the scan you’re able to pause and take a photo which saves in your account for you download which is amazing. It can also create videos which it also saves. I was constantly videoing and taking photos both on the device and on my phone too.

Its hard to use the scan at first as the midwives make it look super easy so don’t expect to be a pro straight away. You soon get used to it and I was swivelling the scanner around checking all different sides of the baby.

My favourite part was definitely seeing the heart beat ticking away. It’s not something I’ve ever been able to see up close before so it was such a special moment. The children got to have a go and was laughing when they saw ‘stinky toes’ or watched the baby ‘showing muscles’.

My baby is such a wriggle so I got to see baby dancing around showing all the new moves it’s been learning as it develops.

If you would like to see some videos of the scan please head to our Instagram and check out the Baby Whitehouse highlight.

All in all we were really impressed with the baby scan and would definitely recommend to others.

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