Boys are Beautiful too!

How come, I’ll post a photo of Alia and she’ll be told how beautiful, adorable, gorgeous she is.. Yet I can post the same photo, but of Luca and he will be told he’s a cool dude or he has a nice outfit on.

H E I S B E A U T I F U L T O O!

And there is nothing wrong with that.

Boys are beautiful, girls are beautiful every living thing is beautiful. Maybe not wasps, but I’m sure their little wasp friends also find them beautiful.

I really want to change the stigma about boys being called beautiful words rather than just a dude and cool. If the photo is pretty dudey, then yeah, fair enough but boys can be beautiful and girls can be cool dudes.

There’s so many silly comments about boys playing with ‘girly’ toys being ‘gay’. No, what makes a child gay is in their body when they are born and so what? Is there something wrong with that? Love is love.

If a boy wears pink he will be gay.

If a boy wears Spanish clothing it’s going to make them gay.

If a boy plays with a doll it’s going to make them gay.

You can’t make someone gay, you can’t make someone straight, you can’t change who someone is inside their heart but what you can do is try to love everyone. You can accept people as they are, love them for who they are and you can call everyone beautiful.

Because in a world full of war, hatred and false looks we need more of that word spread about. We need more true beauty from the inside, more freedom of who we want to be and more love.

If Luca turns out to be the ‘dreaded’ G word then I’m sure his girly clothes, love of unicorns and beautiful words won’t have made him that way.

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