Success or Motherhood

I still believe you can have it all, I believe that you can be successful and also be the parent you want to be. However, success isn’t given and it sure doesn’t come easy.

Recently I decided to hand ny business over to one of my brand reps for just the price of my stock and offer my full help for a few months. Many people will question why and think I’ve done it too cheaply. Well, I could close it completely and then everything I worked hard on would be wasted or I can hope that something I started thrives. Sure, I won’t be profiting from it financially but brand reps are often your biggest supporters so why not give it to someone who knows and cares about the business?

So here’s why I decided to step back and give up on something I was so passionate about. Online businesses run through social media take up so much time. Its constant and you end up addicted to your phone, you become so used to checking your phone, afraid you may miss a message, that you end up addicted to having it. Your parenting life becomes consistently saying ‘just one minute, let me do this and I’ll be with you in a minute’. Before you know it, the day has gone and you haven’t achieved anything and quite often all that time you spent trying to hard was actually for nothing. Now for some people it is okay, they work hard and they want it and they aren’t afraid to give things up. For me, it was something I did so I wasn’t away from my children but it ended up meaning I was there to see them physically but that was all. Time is so important and can never be returned. Once you’ve used your time, that’s it, it’s gone. Money comes and it goes, it can always be earned and spent and earned again but can we get our children’s childhood memories back? Days out on little adventures, days spent playing games and full of laughter is so much more precious to me. Working for myself was a dream and it’s a dream I still have, I still want success but right now I’d rather have little money and more laughter.

The stress and mum guilt was far too over the top for what I could deal with. I would often be up until 2am and then up at 5/6am again to start the day. Tiredness and patience doesn’t really go hand in hand and I lost who I was. I’m the mum who loves doing all the stuff people question why to? Why bother? Oh you have too much time on your hands etc etc. It’s who I am, and when I didn’t have time to have my own nursery style run family home in our daily lives it meant I wasn’t me, and being yourself is important.

One day I will have it all and will be able to give the children everything they want, but right now we have everything we need and the love, laughter and memories will out live anything with a soul for so much longer.

4 thoughts on “Success or Motherhood

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  1. Love this post Harriet! Think a lot of people struggle to find the balance when they work from home! You’re doing a fab job! Children are only little for such a little time, make the most of it for sure! Xxx


  2. Love this. I don’t even own on a business, I just mummy blog and find that it takes a lot of time up. I too will he having some time out because quiet honestly, it does take over your life. Well done for realising and doing something about it. Maybe one day you’ll be able to pick it back up again and continue doing what you love 🙂 x


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