I don’t look like me anymore

I don’t know if it’s noticeable, but I just don’t look like me anymore? My face has changed, my skin is terrible, I’m covered in lumps and bumps and bags under my eyes. Those photos from 6 years ago fill my social media memories showing size 8 me with the nice hair and the glowing skin.

Sometimes I feel a little low and then I remember I have these lumps and bumps from the pizza we sat on the floor eating, the popcorn we shared watching a movie, the chocolate I hid behind the unit eating which I shouldn’t have had and mostly because I carried two amazing children. They give me those eye bags too and the bad skin arrived then too. Little terrors aren’t they? But if I could go back to the size 8 me in her tight tops and fake tan I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t go back, I’ve been there and I’ve lived that stage, I’m a new person now and I may not always feel confident but I am amazing. I live a different life now and it’s just as fun and exciting but oh boy, it is filled with so much more love.

So next time you look in the mirror and wish you could see the old you staring back at you, remember, that when you brought a child into the world that you also brought in a whole new you and that person is the amazing!

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