The Hungry Caterpillar Themed Week

We love to set weekly themes for our activities providing we don’t have a super busy week. This means it’s a lot easier to think of ideas for each daily activity as I have something to base it on. We usually have a tuff tray, play dough tray, story play, fun food and a mess free play every week based on our theme but it can completely vary. Here is some of our fun we had based on The Hungry Caterpillar.

Here are our story rocks. We collected rocks from the beach in all different sizes and painted them to create all different things. The children made food rocks for the mud kitchen whilst I painted the pictures on to the rocks. I think this would be much easier with pocca paint pens but I just used a paintbrush and acrylic paint. These are in a little basket and still played with weeks after. Luca is now completely obsessed with this story.

I created a balloon painting of the The Hungry Caterpillar and then the children recreated their own using balloons, paints and brushes. They had so much fun doing this before nursery and when Luca came home he had painted his very own Hungry Caterpillar to bring to me. It was a very proud moment as his teachers said he did it off the top of his head.

This was a super quick activity. I set up a story basket to read and go through. The children found the relevant food as the Caterpillar ate them.

Our play dough tray. We searched in the garden for leaves and searched through our activity trays for things relevant for the Hungry Caterpillar. Alia chose the butterflies as he turns into a beautiful butterfly, luca chose the feathers for butterfly wings. We also made cheerio caterpillars and caterpillars from different fruits and veggies. This has been one of Lucas favourite activity weeks and we will definitely have to come back to thia more often.

I hope you enjoy and don’t forget to tag us if you try out our ideas.

Lots of love

Harriet, Luca and Alia

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