Luca Shae

“My names Luca and I am four years old. My birthday is in October and it will be my first birthday at school. I’m so excited to start school this year and I can’t wait to make new friends and learn about new things.”

I love playing with playdough, venturing outdoors in adventures and playing in the mud kitchen in the garden. I’m tying to grow plants and vegetables in the garden with Mummy, so far things are beginning to sprout but we have no idea what they are or if there were already in the undergrowth before we moved here.

I love to dress up and use my imagination. ” I can be Captain America ready to save the world and then I can be The Hungry Caterpillar crawling along the floor.”

“I have two cats, Bruce is my cat and he loves me very much. I love him too even though he is naughty sometimes.”

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