Simple Town Tuff Tray

Not all tuff spots need to be messy and manic. Sometimes it’s great to have simplicity, clean and tidy.

So that’s what we did today. Firstly, I tapped a road onto the tray and drew lines with a black sharpie. I made a train track around the outside and then each different part was then made into different parts of the town.

This is the farm. Teaching the children where the milk comes from (they’re a little young in my opinion to learn about animals as meat) the farmer then drove to the store to deliver to the milk.

Here’s the shops. We didn’t have anything specific so the children could choose what they liked.

We also had a car park, what town is complete without one? Also, we just have lots of wooden cars so decided to use a few.

And finally we have a ‘princess hospital’.

The children had lots of in with this and it meant I could leave the room without worrying there would be glupe and other messes thrown around.

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