Valentines Photo Session

Valentines is a beautiful time for celebrating those you love. It doesn’t always mean your partner but can mean your family too.

Growing up, my Mum would put a rose and a card by the door and pretend it was from my secret admirer. I could tell it was her writing but I always felt special anyway.

Since having my own children I’ve always made an effort for Valentine’s Day. Throughout the three years I’ve always got a couple of small presents, had a special lunch and filled the room with love. I tend to having a little photo shoot too!

Here this years photos! I absolutely love these and found it so difficult to choose so I made a little collage. Originally I had been making on photoshop but after it taking such a long time I cheated and made this on an app. I just covered them in kisses then let them run around and play. In traditional Alia style she chose to beat Luca with the rose, but it wouldn’t be them without documenting their playful sibling relationship and the tremendous amount of love they have for one another.


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