Tea Party 

The last few days I’ve been thinking about having a tea party – just the three of us and a few stuffed friends. I went shopping yesterday and bought Some cakes and scones. Everything else I already had so it was simple and affordable yet lots of fun for the little ones.

The children chose their own friends. We had both build a bear teddies, a couple of dinosaurs, a cloud pet, Belle, a panda and obviously Alia chose lots of dollies. We used the fisher price tea set for the toys and used the china and cake stand I already own.

Cake stand from Dunelm, China was a gift.

Our picnic included:

  • French fancies
  • Cherry bake wells
  • Scones with jam
  • Cheese, cucumber and ham sandwiches – one slice of brown and one of white.
  • A bowl of sliced apples, grapes and satsuma segments.
  • We had cups of weak juice – we only have juice on special occasions.

The children had such a fun time. They really enjoyed the food and the imaginary play.































We will definitely do this again. Remember to show us your own version. We love to seem😊

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