When is the best time for baby number two?

So many people ask this, I asked this and now my friends ask me. When is the best time to have baby number two? Well the answer is never. How can there be a ‘best’ time? You never know what’s coming around the corner and I’m 100% positive that there’s pros and cons to all different age gaps. I’ve no experience in a larger age gap but I can vouch for a 22 month gap. Every child is different so this is based on my two monkeys but here’s the good the bad and the ugly.

The Good

  • If you’re lucky like me then your children will adore each other. Luca dotes on Alia. He wants to cuddle her all the time. Alia loves Luca and when she’s sad she can be soothed by a big brother cuddle.
  • Hopefully the relationship will grow and they will always have friendship with one another. Perfect for holidays and special occasions – they can entertain one another.
  • Luca loves to help. He has to get her nappies out at changing time – if I’ve already got one then it really is the end of the world. He will happily get a muslin when asked or put her dummy in without me even asking if she cries.
  • Luca wants to care for her and be just like Mummy. Bath time is such a precious time as Luca likes to help bath Alia. He loves to get toys out and shake rattles in front of her. It melts my heart.
  • If you’re toddler loves photography I highly recommend the vtech kidizoom camera. Luca received it for his birthday and he takes the most special photos of us both together which I could never capture myself.
  • Luca got used to having a sibling and needing to share Mummy pretty quickly.

The Bad

  • Just when you’ve got your baby off to sleep you’re loud mouthed toddler comes in like a foghorn to wake her.
  • Luca sometimes tries to pick up Alia.
  • He also tries to play hide and seek by putting a blanket over her head – I literally can’t blink!
  • I definitely haven’t shaved my legs for a while – all ‘me time’ is gone. See you in ten years .. hopefully.
  • Just when you think you’ve got the baby off to sleep the toddler wakes up.

The Ugly

  • Second child guilt is real! Torturing yourself for taking away your first child’s childhood. I cried and cried over this and I sometimes still feel a bit guilty but in reality I’ve given my child a best friend for life.
  • Getting things done is so hard! Alia is so clingy and with Luca waking her up and not being able to leave them alone for fear he may smother her in a game of hide and seek. It makes dinner times a nightmare. Cooking is so difficult.
  • Feeling like a shitty mum because you don’t have the time to do those amazing things you used to do the first time around.

But then you see the love they have for each other and you realise how incredibly lucky you are to have two amazing children. The days are long but the weeks are short. Time passes so quickly and the good always makes up for the bad and the ugly.

Luca was upset and all he wanted was his baby sister.

100% worth it.

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