3 month old and a Toddler

So I haven’t written on my blog in over 6 months so I have a lot of writing to do in the time I have through this miraculous rarity of a joint nap time.. at 16:40. Who cares what time is it though, a naps a nap right? I’m sure I will at 10pm when my crazy child is running around the house like the Duracell bunny! I don’t have many photographs of the three of us together. This is the only decent photo so even though it’s a good 3 months old it’s the one I chose to use. Mostly because the double whammy of exhaustion hadn’t set in yet. Life is hard. I’m not going to lie or sugar coat it. It is really hard and some days I just want the ground to swallow me up so I can hybernate for a while. Sleep deprivation is such a downer, it sucks the cheer from me along with my energy and patience. Having said all that though, the bond these two have for each other brightens my day. I’m filled with twice as many smiles and giggles, twice as much love and a heart full to burst. I wouldn’t have it any other way – well maybe less crying.

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